“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.” - Edward Abbey

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Monkey Wrech

After several years and almost 200 blog articles, I have decided to shut down my previous blog - John Wayne’s Holster - and start this new blog.

I had contemplated keeping the old blog and posting new articles that reflect my current thinking. However, my political, social and philosophical world views have changed considerably over the past several years. I don’t believe that the ideology underlying what John Wayne as a cultural icon represents is appropriate to my new way of thinking.

John Wayne represents an outdated American ethic - an ethic that was embodied in the images of the cowboy, the cavalry man, the soldier, and the patriot. It was an image that pitted man against the frontier, against nature, against other men, in a battle for dominance. It was an ethic that insisted that “might makes right”. It justified the violence that was Manifest Destiny. It promoted the rights of the few, at the expense of the rights of many. It hid its crimes behind the banner of patriotism. It is an ethic rooted in fascism.

This so-called ethic still exists today. It is the ethic where technology has replaced the cowboy in the battle to control nature. Where the lawyer and the politician have replaced the cavalry man in clearing the way for corporate interests. Where big business, with politicians as their puppets, have misused our soldiers to secure for themselves the resources that rightfully belong to others. Where politicians prostitute themselves to those with the deepest pockets, rather than representing the people who voted them into office. Where public relations firms and spin doctors, with the integrity of used car salesmen, sweep all the dirt under the rug (or more appropriately, behind the flag) with their lies and misinformation campaigns.

Sadly, I was a sucker! I bought into the lies. I wanted to. I wanted to believe my government was right, that it was ethical. Now I know better.

Now that I have seen the light, so to speak, my current world view is something more akin to a shotgun marriage between an economic libertarian and a social liberal. This blog, Monkey Wrench Revival, will reflect those views. In addition, it will focus more on my social and environmental views and less on politics.

I chose the name Monkey Wrench Revival in honor of Edward Abbey’s classic novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang. The novel is essentially about a group of people who have become aware of the damage that industrial development has done to the land that they cherish. They join together in an effort to drive out the developers, thereby saving the land. In much the same vein, I have seen what my government, as an agent of corporate interests, has done to my country. And I want to do my part in taking it back.

This blog will be my Monkey Wrench!

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